Spring Security Tutorial Hello World Example – Using XML Configuration

In this Spring Security Tutorial, we will build a Simple Spring MVC Hello World application integrated with Spring Security features. In this application, we will be dealing with two major security areas Authentication and Authorization.

  • Authentication – It is nothing but validating whether the user is a valid user or not.
  • Authorization –  Deciding whether the particular user is allowed to perform a certain activity in the application or not.

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Fix missing src/main/java folder in Eclipse Maven Project – 2 build path entries are missing

At times when you create a maven webapp project, you will not be seeing src/main/java and src/test/java as a source folder. When you even try to create it manually you will be getting the error like “The folder is already a source folder”. In this article lets learn how to fix missing src/main/java folder in Eclipse Maven project [Read more…]