Parameterized Constructor in Java with Example

A Constructor which has parameters in it called as Parameterized Constructors, this constructor is used to assign different values for the different objects.  In the below example we have a constructor for the Car class which takes in the the value and sets to the property, lets try to set the value for the property “carColor” [Read more…]

Autowiring in Spring

We have already learnt how to declare Spring beans and inject bean using <property> (Setter Injection) and <constructor-arg> (Constructor Injection) in the XML configuration file.

Autowiring is a feature of Spring framework which lets you to Inject Dependency implicitly. Basically it will be using internally using Setter Injection / Constructor Injection.

Point to be noted here is Autowiring can’t be used to inject primitive and string values. It works only with objects. [Read more…]

Java Constructor.newInstance() method Example

In my previous article we have seen how to use Class.newInstance() method in creating object for class dynamically but there exist a problem the newInstance() method of Class class can invoke only no-arg constructor of the class when a class has parameterized constructors we cannot use newInstance() method of Class class at that place we need to go for the newInstance() method of the Constructor class. Here also we will load the class using Class.forName() method and get the class instance and get the constructor in the class. Lets see how we can achieve it. [Read more…]