How to open .class file in Java

javap is the Java Disassembler tool which can be used to open a .class file in a readable format. javap is located in the /bin folder of the JDK installation directory. The Java Decomplier (javap) displays information about the package, protected and public fields, and methods of the classes passed to it. The javap tool prints its output to stdout. In this article lets learn how to open a .class file in java with Example using javap.

Syntax for Javap

javap <<option>> <<.class file1>> <<.class file2>>

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Components of Java Development Kit (JDK)

Java Developer Kit contains tools which a Java developer needed to develop the Java programs, and JRE to run the program. In simple terms we can say that JDK is equal to JRE and Development Tools. The tools include Java Archive (jar), Java Compiler (javac), Java Disassembler (Javap), Java Debugger (jdb) , Java HeaderFile Generator (javah), Documentation (javadoc) and many others. We will look into some of the most used tool in this article. [Read more…]