Spring Boot CommandLineRunner and ApplicationRunner

Whenever you need, to perform a specific task once after all the Spring Beans are created and the Application Context has been created then you can implement ApplicationRunner or CommandLineRunner interface. Both the interfaces works the same way and has a single run() method. A similar implementation is already there in Spring and many people would have known it JobLauncherCommandLineRunner which is used for running jobs in Spring Batch. [Read more…]

How to Create Deployable WAR | Spring Boot | SpringBootServletInitializer

Previously we have learnt how to build a Spring Boot Hello World application using Maven and through Eclipse. In this Spring Boot example we will be building the same hello world application with a slight difference instead of building a executable JAR we will be be building a WAR file. We will be extending SpringBootServletInitializer in order to create deployable WAR file. [Read more…]

Hibernate Inheritance – Table Per Concrete Class Hierarchy Example(XML Mapping & Annotation)

Table per Class Hierarchy strategy will be having a single table for both the Parent class and the Sub class separated by a discriminator column. In Table per Subclass Hierarchy, subclass table will be mapped to the Parent class table by primary key and foreign key relationship. In Table Per Concrete Class Hierarchy also individual table will be created for each class. The disadvantage of this approach is that all the columns of the Primary class table will be again replicated in the Subclass table.

[Read more…]