Replace ArrayList elements using index in Java

In this example we will learn how to replace a element which is present in the ArrayList. We will use set(int index, Object obj) method to perform a replace operation. Now lets see how to repleace an element in the ArrayList.

  • Create a new empty ArrayList.
  • Add elements to the ArrayList, using the add() method.
  • Use set(index, element), this method will replace an element at the specified index of the arrayList with the given element
import java.util.ArrayList;

public class ArrayListReplaceExample {

	public static void main(String args[]) 
		// Creating an empty array list
		ArrayList al = new ArrayList();
		//Adding elements to the arraylist

		System.out.println("List before Replacing element"+al);
		//Set method will replace the element which is present at the particular index
		al.set(1,"Java Interview Point");
		//List after setting a new element 
		System.out.println("List After Replacing element"+al);


List before Replacing element[Element1, Element2, Element3]
List After Replacing element[Element1, Java Interview Point, Element3]

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