Spring MVC Handler Mapping

HandlerMapping is an Interface to be implemented by objects that define a mapping between requests and handler objects. By default DispatcherServlet uses BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping and DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping. In Spring we majorly use the below handler mappings

  1. BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping
  2. ControllerClassNameHandlerMapping
  3. SimpleUrlHandlerMapping

Spring MVC BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping Example

In BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping in this article. Here we will be mapping each request to a Bean directly.

Spring MVC ControllerClassNameHandlerMapping Example

ControllerClassNameHandlerMapping uses a convention to map the requested URL to the Controller. It will take the Controller name and converts them to lower case with a leading “/”

Spring MVC SimpleUrlHandlerMapping Example

SimpleUrlHandlerMapping is the simplest of all handler mappings which allows you specify URL pattern and handler explicity